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ACH Positive Pay
Increasing numbers of ACH fraud are reported every year. This problem requires companies to be more diligent in monitoring their accounts for unauthorized ACH activity. In most cases, corporate ACH Debits have a limited time in which they can be returned, which can cause significant risk to any business. By utilizing ACH Positive Pay, companies can reduce their risk of unauthorized ACH debits on their accounts. How does it work? Every ACH Debit posted to the account is compared to an approved transaction list. If the item doesn’t match the approved criteria, an email is sent to authorized users at the company. The business then examines the exception items via Business Online Banking and decides which items to pay and which to return. It’s a simple, yet effective program to help companies reduce potential losses from ACH fraud.

  • Comprehensive reporting tools, including automated emails to notify clients of any exception activity
  • Flexible system settings, like assigning ‘rules’ for each authorized company or restricting transactions by debits/credits, and/or maximum dollar amount
  • Complete system training for all business staff by Talmer Bank experts

Check Positive Pay
A valuable addition to any business’ risk management plan is a check fraud prevention service. Positive Pay service compares your daily transmission of issued items with those presented to us for processing. We then notify you of any presented items that do not match the issue information in your file. You examine the exception items via Business Online Banking and decide which items to pay and which to return. For companies unable to generate a check issue file or with smaller volumes, individual check information can be manually entered into the system.

  • Return fraudulent checks before they clear your account
  • Industry standard check issue format compatible with most accounting software
  • Talmer Bank staff training and support provided

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