Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit are great savings accounts that provide a guaranteed rate of interest.

All of these products can be accessed with Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Telephone Banking.

Term Certificates of Deposit

If you do not expect to need your money on short notice, you may want to consider a Certificate of Deposit. CDs offer higher interest rates in return for a commitment to set aside your money for a specific length of time. Your principal and interest are FDIC insured.


  • Easily accessible
  • Security of fixed rate
  • Earns interest
  • $500 or $1,000 minimum deposit required
  • Terms are variable from 7 days to 72 months
  • Interest rate guaranteed for the term of the certificate
  • Interest may be compounded or deposited into a checking or savings account

All of these products can be accessed with Online Banking , Mobile Banking, and Telephone Banking.

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