Online Banking / Bill Payment

Online Banking

Access your accounts 24-hours a day from your computer! Online Banking is convenient, easy to use and more secure than ever before.

Online Banking provides:

  • Real-time account balances, check images and transaction history

  • 24-hour access to checking, loans and CDs

  • Export history to financial software and spreadsheets

  • Transfer funds between accounts when you need to

  • An automatic bill pay option is available along with the option to request to stop payments

  • Online Banking is safe and secure


Online Bill Payment

With our automatic bill pay system, you will have access to a variety of features.

  • Search vendors

  • Add new vendors by simply typing in the company name. If a match is found in the database, the vendor’s information will be added automatically. You will no longer need to hunt down mailing addresses! Simply enter your account number and add your outstanding bills.

  • Set up reminders, so you will never make another late payment again. Reminders will be sent as a message telling you when your payment is due.

  • Pay from multiple checking accounts. You have the ability to choose which checking account you want to pay your bills from.

  • Make recurring payments. Eliminate the hassle of paying monthly bills by setting up recurring payments. This option is great for payments that don’t change from month-to-month, such as a car payment or mortgage.

  • See all of your payments at a glance! The payment center allows you to make payments, view pending payments, recent payments and bill reminders all on the same screen!

  • Our Bill Payment service also offers Popmoney®. Popmoney is an innovative personal payment service that eliminates the hassles of checks and cash. Popmoney allows you to send and receive money as easily as you send and receive email and text messages. There is a $0.50 fee per transaction when sending money with Popmoney.

Popmoney® and the Popmoney logo are registered trademarks of CashEdge, a division of Fiserv.

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