Reporting Fraud



Talmer Bank and Trust is aware of automated telephone calls and text messages to customers and non-customers in regards to their Bank debit card being locked/blocked. These automated calls instruct the recipient to enter their card number and PIN in order to “unlock” the affected card.

As we value your financial privacy, please note that these calls are not coming from Talmer Bank as we would never contact you in this manner and ask for your card number, PIN or security code. Should you receive such a call, do not respond. Simply hand up or delete the message.

In the event you have provided the information in question, please contact us at 800.456.1500, or visit your local banking center.

If you suspect fraud in connection with one or more of your Talmer Bank and Trust accounts, contact Talmer Bank and Trust immediately.

Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card

If your ATM/Debit Card is lost or stolen, please do the following:

  • Report it immediately by calling us at 800.456.1500 during business hours. If you need to report a lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card after hours and you are within the United States, please call 800.554.8969. If you are a Talmer Bank and Trust customer and you are outside of the United States, call 812.647.9794. No matter where you are, report lost or stolen cards to minimize loss and liability.
  • Notify all of the companies with whom you have set up Automatic Bill Pay. When you receive your new card, you will need to re-establish automatic payments with those businesses.

Talmer Bank and Trust Credit Card Cardmember Service
800.558.3424 Consumer
866.552.8855 Business

If you suspect you are a victim of identity theft, follow these steps:

  • File a police report with your local police department.
  • Contact the fraud units of the three major credit bureaus below:
    Equifax: 800.525.6285
    Experian: 888.397.3742
    Transunion: 800.680.7289
  • Call the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Identity Theft Hotline at (877) ID-THEFT (877.438.4338) or visit
  • Notify Talmer Bank and Trust by phone or in person.
  • Depending on the type of fraud, you may need to take additional steps. For example, if your Social Security Number was used under false pretenses, call the Social Security Administration's Fraud Hotline at 800.269.0271 or visit

Check Fraud

Please contact us immediately at 800.456.1500 if:

  • Your checks are lost or stolen
  • You do not receive your Talmer Bank and Trust statement
  • You see check transactions on your statement or Online Banking account history that you did not write
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